Clear View Pork Farm, LLC was established, March 2011. Though a new entity, we have been raising hogs for traditional markets over 40 years! All of our pork is raised in one single location with only two swine specialists, Dave Gemmer and Julie Barr, overseeing the farrow to finish operation. This means Dave and Julie have complete control over the daily care and production of the hogs, from breeding and genetic selection, to choosing appropriate feed rations to ensure healthy, efficient growing hogs in a comfortable environment.

We carefully select the best hogs to be butchered for you and have them processed at one single locker facility, located less than five miles from our farm. All of our meat is Illinois State Inspected upon processing.

Clear View Pork Farm, LLC is a member of the Illinois State Pork Producers Association and Pork Quality Assurance certified. We take pride in only raising our hogs to a top quality standard with animal well-being, public health, food safety, and the environment in mind. We strive for that quality through experience, continuing education, and dedication. We are proud of our product and invite you to enjoy our home-raised, all-natural pork.